Thursday, June 1, 2017

Masterpiece Academy day 4

Lesley: What are the effects of music on the brain?
 Music helps with education.
Music releases chemicals in your brain that makes a change in your mood. 
listening to sad music when youre sad makes you feel better 
Music releases a chemical which is a stress reliever
Musicians brain is more symmetrical compared to a non musician 
Music increases IQ scores. 
Children with musical training tend to do better in school academically and are more likely to be happy.
Adriana: Do you hate Mondays? If so why? 
"i will make monday my bitch" 


Day 5
What are the limits to things?
Why do you run?

Why do we laugh??
Day 6
Marino: Why are people passionate about sports?
It makes you feel like you are a part of something.

luis Santos: lucid dreaming
Your own utopia
simple ways are like tracking dreams with dream journal.
benefits are you decide what you dream about. you can overcome fears in your life
practice skills in dreams
better sleep
downsides: sleep paralysis... can get addicted to it. flase memories.
people that used it : Stephan King... Albert Einstein... Nikola Tesla..... Salvador Dali

Alexis: Why hasnt the shool system changed?
Problems: there is a lack of teacher education. Our schools are getting over crowded.


Day 7
Abby: What would happen if i wasnt a twin?
Same passion for music... different personalities...
Can people really change?
Yes.... alcoholics for example
Can people change people?
adults change when they become parents
people who motivate you
if she were an only child she would be bored and lonely and have more friends and she would be autodidact.

What are the strategies to find good items at a thrift store?
 Fashion culture now and back then 80s to present.
1) always look at the boys or mens section
2) slowly move towards women section
3) please be aware of the prices

Gabriel: How do i improve my memory?
eat healthy foods vegetables walnuts etc


Day 9

Cerenity: why is it that ones we expect the most from and care about the most are always the ones that hurt us?

the people we are closest to reflect who we are which is why we get hurt by them.... you attack the mirror because you dont like the reflection
we have higher expectations for people that are close to us which is why we get hurt by them the most.

Monse: the mind of a serial killer

what goes on in the mind of the serial killer?
Warrior gene which ingnites aggression
Most females kill for money
early childhood abuse often leads to this

How do we hear music?
music is one of the only activities that stimulate every part of the brain
 Music creates emotion
music and memory....

Kayleen : Has the school system failed us?

Horace Mann mainly created the school system.

betsy Devos believes guns should be allowed at school to protect us from bears.

Clemente: Are humans inhaerently evil or does society make them evil?
Stanford Prison Experiment ..... It became so real that people cant handle the aggressiveness
Society and what you grow up around defines the way humans behave.

Jackie : whats worse failing or never trying?
Fear of failure is not a fear its an illusion

Fatima: Why do we fear the unknown?
fear is being afraid of something that is dangerous painful and threatening
Our minds take shortcuts meaning our brain doesnt really analyze everything

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The Cafeteria Worker

Just like every morning she gets up at 5am to get ready for work. Same routine every single morning..... At school she does what she always does and prepares food for the snobby disrespectful high school students. She hates this job because she sees the same thing everyday. She sees kids get the vegetables and fruit but only end up tossing it in the basket near the exit. One day after work she decided to take a different route home and came upon a thrift store. She went inside and found this shinning glimmering lamp. She bought the lamp and took it home. Upon arrival at her depressing apartment she plugged in the magic lamp and *BOOM* an alligator comes out. The alligator then asks the lady to make 3 wishes... blah blah blah explaining the rules. Then the lady says "I want my life to be more exciting, I also want people to notice me, finally i want to quit my job as the cafeteria worker" the alligator said "done!" *snap*............... lets just say that at the end of this story there was just an alligator, a magic lamp, and a monkey in the room.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Masterpiece Academy

May 16 and 17
Alejandra Llamas
Topic- Would things be better if we knew who our perfect match was?
Examples: Tattoos that glow when you find the perfect/compatible to them  

Preston Made a big deal about: confirmation bias: the tendency to interpret new evidence as confirmation of one's existing beliefs or theories.

My Thoughts: Wonderful idea, amazing idea.... but here is the thing.... i dont feel like a birthmark should define who you end up with. Love is something bigger than that. Most people probably do believe in destiny i know i do. However, i also believe that you control your destiny and the one you end up with is up to you and that significant other. A birthmark would make things easier but more forced.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Horribly rushed Essay

Before you read this.. here is the setting in which i wrote it *between the wall and a couch.. no one could bother me because the space was so small, that being said i was very uncomfortable. And to top it all off 4 screaming children that wouldn't

     What is the "internet"? According to the author the internet is more than a tool in this time period. the internet is a form of communication and interaction. The author uses good syntax, diction, and tone to illustrate his argument of what the internet is and what it is used for.
      The choice of words used in the essay try to show the audience that the internet is not just something used for fun and entertainment. The word that really captures it was is the word "interaction". The example was used when he took out his phone and took a picture of his food. Then he stated " my reason was important. i missed someone. i wish i could have shared the meal with her" this shows communication/interaction from one person to another.

       When it comes to pictures the author says that they used to be printed through film. That when they showed the printed pictures to other people it created an interaction between 2 or more people. This is an example of how the internet works. The same thing happens only that they have a different experience. the author says "today pictures are still pictures but over orientation to them and the way we experience and use them is different" this all ties to the fact that people connect through these pictures only that now the internet extends the ability to do so.
       The author finishes off talking about how that someone whom he shared the picture with was his daughter. This was the point that really captures the attention of the audience because throughout the whole essay he does not mention who the picture was for. That was his special someone that he wanted to share the meal with. The author says " as we think about how to co-create and share more dynamic learning stories its important to consider our goals our audience, and the best tools for the job." This goes back with communication and interacting with other people through the internet. Thus stating his argument.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017


1990 question 3 
Vividly and concretely describe one person seen at two different times or in two different situations so readers understand the difference in your attitude, thus proving perceptions of people differ according to people’s attitudes and circumstances
        January 1, 12:00am New Years Day. Jerry is having the time of his life. Drinking and laughing, having the time of his life. No responsibilities what so ever. His friend comes over and plays party games. Jerry isn't thinking about tomorrow he is just enjoying the moment. He is dared to jump into the pool with all his clothes on and accepts. he is now wet but continues partying. It is now 5 am and Jerry is still up cracking jokes with his buddies. The fun has just begun. Jerry goes to another friends house and parties some more. He doesn't think about anything besides what he should drink next. After he had enough, he goes home and sleep on his couch drenched from the pool earlier. 
           September 2  8:00pm  Emergency Room at the hospital. Jerry is nervously waiting to see if his wife in about to have a child. The doctor tells him to come quick because she is in labor. He rushes thinking about this kid he is going to have. His palms are sweaty, his back is all wet, his heart is pounding. he is about to enter a whole new world of responsibilities and he knows it. He goes into the room where his wife is and holds her hand. With a quivering voice he tell her how happy he is and that this is the best moment of his life. The child is born, its a girl. Jerry carries the child not letting anyone else even get close. Jerry becomes very protective of the child. He is very cautious with everything he does now.
          There 2 different situations show just how edgy and protective Jerry can be. When he has no responsibilities he can do what ever he want, but the moment that he has to take action he does exactly that. Which is to take care of the new baby that was just born.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

ESSAY option #1

It is obvious that Clarisse is the complete opposite of Beatty. Bradbury showed the different tone between the two. In the following paragraphs i will explain how Bradburys tone towards there two characters were different. 
Bradbury shows Clarisse as the character that is most out there. She thinks differently and Bradbury does a really good job in showing that. Clarisse says that she is 17 and crazy. This clearly states that she thinks in a way that isn't really custom in that time. She tells Guy that she is not afraid of him, which is why she talks to him. She likes to ask questions, She is bold, brave, and curious which are all characteristics that people don't have in that time period. She also tells Guy to observe the sky and how there is a man on the moon, Clarisse like to look around and observe. That is another characteristic that isn't common during this time. Beatty represents the complete opposite.

Beatty thinks in the most generic way according to Bradbury. He is a fireman that burns books because that is his job. He doesnt get curious to see what he is burning ever. He likes to follow the rules that already exist, for example in the movie "the lego movie" everyone follows the same set of rules. They are more like guide lines, they stay in place and do what they are told. No one is creative or cares about anything going on around them. Just like Beatty, he doenst believe that there is another way to deal with books other than burning them. He also wants to arrest his fellow companion for reading a book and that leads him to his doom. the one interesting part was that Beatty wanted to end his life which is why he provoked Guy to roast him. All this come to prove that Beatty was a generic human being that had nothing going for him unlike Clarisse.

In conclusion Bradburys tone towards Clarisse was nice and showed that she was different from the other characters in the book. Beatty was more of a generic common human being that followed rules there the tone was more dark and negative, which was perfect for setting the mood for the rest of the story.

Sunday, March 5, 2017


i feel like no movie is better than the book, but i like to be able to see what it going on. not just read about it. I feel like we should watch the movie to get a visual understanding of what is going on. When i was in 8th grade we had this thing called "Battle Of The Books".... in order to participate in the competition we had to read at least 12 books and pass the test on them. i read 6. I watched the movie to half of them and managed to pass the tests. The point of the story is that the movie sometimes helps understand the book...... lesley was part of the team hehe