Sunday, April 9, 2017

ESSAY option #1

It is obvious that Clarisse is the complete opposite of Beatty. Bradbury showed the different tone between the two. In the following paragraphs i will explain how Bradburys tone towards there two characters were different. 
Bradbury shows Clarisse as the character that is most out there. She thinks differently and Bradbury does a really good job in showing that. Clarisse says that she is 17 and crazy. This clearly states that she thinks in a way that isn't really custom in that time. She tells Guy that she is not afraid of him, which is why she talks to him. She likes to ask questions, She is bold, brave, and curious which are all characteristics that people don't have in that time period. She also tells Guy to observe the sky and how there is a man on the moon, Clarisse like to look around and observe. That is another characteristic that isn't common during this time. Beatty represents the complete opposite.

Beatty thinks in the most generic way according to Bradbury. He is a fireman that burns books because that is his job. He doesnt get curious to see what he is burning ever. He likes to follow the rules that already exist, for example in the movie "the lego movie" everyone follows the same set of rules. They are more like guide lines, they stay in place and do what they are told. No one is creative or cares about anything going on around them. Just like Beatty, he doenst believe that there is another way to deal with books other than burning them. He also wants to arrest his fellow companion for reading a book and that leads him to his doom. the one interesting part was that Beatty wanted to end his life which is why he provoked Guy to roast him. All this come to prove that Beatty was a generic human being that had nothing going for him unlike Clarisse.

In conclusion Bradburys tone towards Clarisse was nice and showed that she was different from the other characters in the book. Beatty was more of a generic common human being that followed rules there the tone was more dark and negative, which was perfect for setting the mood for the rest of the story.

Sunday, March 5, 2017


i feel like no movie is better than the book, but i like to be able to see what it going on. not just read about it. I feel like we should watch the movie to get a visual understanding of what is going on. When i was in 8th grade we had this thing called "Battle Of The Books".... in order to participate in the competition we had to read at least 12 books and pass the test on them. i read 6. I watched the movie to half of them and managed to pass the tests. The point of the story is that the movie sometimes helps understand the book...... lesley was part of the team hehe

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Chapter 3 remix (and notes)

Remix of chapter 3....(and notes kinda)

So far I'm with lesley, i don't understand what is going on in the book.  I feel that the book has not caught my attention just yet.... will something happen soon?

Who got in a car crash?!?!
Gatsby is into baker?!?! what!!!! i feel like he is ... lowkey...
okay okay so the man in the car was a criminal? but there was another man in the car at the same time??
Alright alright i get it. someone crashed by mistake haha it makes sense now!  two guys in the car... wheel fell from the sky!
NICK KNEW GATSBY!!!!!!!!!!!! thats crazy!

Saturday, January 14, 2017


these will not... i repeat will not be organized notes. i am switching back and forth in between the notes and video

Remix: To combine or edit existing material to produce something new.
"REMIX mostly applied to music"
Remix: the arrangement and transformation of samples.
best metaphor for creativity- the light bulb... you start off with nothing but there boom a switch.. lies there is always a mess there isnt a switch it doesnt automatically happen
there are 3 elements
 Domain Knowledge ... do what everyone else does speak the same way and maybe later add your own twist to it
1. Copying... mimic what others are doing  after you can copy what others are doing then you move to the next thing
2. Transformation... taking any existing thing and making variations..(bigger better faster)
3. Combinations... for example printing press.. the ink paper etc were already invented.. someone just combined it all

To be continued

Thursday, January 12, 2017


Wow music as literature..... that is mind blowing. I have never seen it in such way. A song/ rap is the same thing as poetry or telling a story they are exactly the same only shown in different ways. All of the listed things to find the difference to, i could not find one. A symphony tells as story usually. there is this one play were each character had its own instrument noise. It told the story quite well. My point is that a symphony a rap a song a poem..etc dont have many differences in my opinion.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

HELLO 2017!

I finally came to realize that i need to get my shit together this 2017. I got new motivation this semester. i have a really good feeling about it. i feel that drive to succeed, its something i haven't felt in a while. I am a lot more into school work and talking about the future. It's going to be a tough semester i can assure that, but here i am.

Monday, December 5, 2016


this question has killed me for the past 6 million years... i just dont know the answer. im sure that there is a scientific explanation, but where is the fun in that? hehe anyways i just dont know its pretty mind bobbling.
 thats not interesting? well then i have no idea what "interesting" is!! im just a 16 year old trying to get through high school... ill do my best.


If you guessed pewdiepie you are correct. pewdiepie has over 49 million subscribers. He is honestly the funniest person on the planet when it comes to being an idiot.

yeah i dont know what to talk about so ill see if i come back to this post